List of things a digital extrovert asks

List of things a digital extrovert asks

List of things a digital extrovert asks on her first day in the province:

1. What’s the wifi password?
2. Why is there no wifi?!! *panics*
3. Where’s the nearest Starbucks? (Answer: Tarlac City and/or Baguio City)
4. Where are the friggin LAN cables?!!
5. How do I do this “piso-net” thing?
6. Why is there NO 3G signal here? Will I get 3G signal if I go upstairs?
7. *While eating* Is this turkey?!!…

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You Are Not Beautiful by Candice Cathers

You Are Not Beautiful by Candice Cathers

You Are Not Beautiful by Candice Cathers

You’re funny, you’re the most interesting person I know.
You’re the shoulder I cry on, you need a halo.
You’re smart, practically a genius.
You’re punctual and polite and organized and conscientious.
You’re clumsy and lovely, honest and hug worthy.
You’re my best friend, around you I don’t have to pretend.
You’re reliable and fun, like the funnest out of…

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Going to a “Business Meeting” with Grace.

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Thought Track: Stress, Food and Finding True Love

Thought Track: Stress, Food and Finding True Love

First of all, I’d like to say I’m sorry for being such a failure at everything… I didn’t post anything last week, I know. And frankly, I haven’t been able to post anything decent. To be fair though, my schedule has been a bit bat shit crazy and so are my hormones… and my brain, basically. I’ve been very weird these past few days (cranky, always hungry, absolutely no creativity and just plain…

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What to wear if…

You get stuck in a hotel room with Jack and a Mila Kunis movie.

(CHAPTER 45: For the Love of Mila | Another Gapyear | a JacksGap fanfiction)

He can see her toffee colored eyes glistening, unblinking. She was so silent that Jack felt so afraid to touch her. It was like Mila enveloped Casey in an invisible bubble while she fought with Justin in the movie.

"You alright?" Jack asked, placing an arm around her. "What?" Casey said as she started blinking furiously. She was looking upwards, blinking towards the ceiling as if to prevent the tears from falling. "Are you crying? Don’t cry. It’s okay…" He said rubbing her back. "No, Jack, I’m not crying!" She answered, frustrated as she faced Jack. "Oh your eyes are bloody red!" Jack said leaning closer to her. "It’s my damn contacts… My eyes are getting dry." He stared at her brown eyes, his worries fading away. "Well, then close your eyes for a minute." He watched as Casey’s lids closed, shutting her beautiful pupils away. She looked so pretty, even without makeup, even with her hair in a messy bun on top of her head, even in an old, crappy hoodie and drab shorts. Jack felt a force so strong he couldn’t deny it even if he wanted. It pulled him closer towards her, his hand reaching for her cheek. "Jack…" But there was no going back.


In spirit of AGY’s comeback, I updated the YouTube Playlist containing all the songs that inspired each of the chapters on the fan fiction I made 1 year ago. All the songs are arranged by chapter and I hope you would enjoy rereading the story with these songs on the background (I DID! Its was like reconnecting with a friend, really LOL).

BONUS: The playlist includes 48 songs! Which means the last one of the playlist is (kind of) a leeway/giveaway for the upcoming chapter—to be uploaded next weekend! Oooohhh…

Thanks again for all your love!

**Read/Re-read Another Gapyear here:**

Okay, so I know I’ve been promising a new chapter for years… Okay 4 months, but here it is! And the next chapters are READ too! And I’m sorry this took so long but as I said I had been super busy reconstructing my life but I hope you like the and that you’ll still read this…

I’m rambling now but all in all I’m just happy! One final disclaimer though: I’m very sorry if the writing style/tone changed. As I said my whole life was on shambles and frankly I was changed as a person… as a whole… So I hope you still like it, Please leave a small comment, I want to hear your thoughts before posting a new one in case I needed to change things. THANK YOU once again for your support, I love you!

Coffee Chronicles: Things a Venti Cup of Coffee Can Do for You

Coffee Chronicles: Things a Venti Cup of Coffee Can Do for You

Here’s a list of things a Venti Caramel Macchiato (or any type of Coffee in a huge ass cup)  can do for you:

Coffee and Twitter by TwilaB

My whole working life in a photo…


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Thought Track: Vacation, Money and New Possibilities

Thought Track: Vacation, Money and New Possibilities

Hi there! Here’s an awesome update: I’m currently in Baguio! (more about this in next week’s blog) And I’m blogging in this quirky, writers friendly Cafe called “Cafe by the Ruins” where not so important people like Nick Joaquin, Kamikazee and Tuesday Vargas often visit. My WordPress reminders popped up yesterday telling me I needed to post something on the blog so here I am with my newly bought…

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5 Signs That You Are Turning Into a Walker (a.k.a Zombie/Vampire/Night Shift Person)

5 Signs That You Are Turning Into a Walker (a.k.a Zombie/Vampire/Night Shift Person)

Zombie Free Hug via Visiting Missouri
Before I go ahead and tell you what signs to look for to differentiate a real-life Walker from normal office drones, let me start by offering you a super warm hug and a very sincere “Thank you!” for subscribing to my life (or my filled-with-bad-life-decisions of a blog). Six years ago on this same day, I have decided to create a blog (then titled twilightmistress and then changed to twylalalala…

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I have officially been blogging for too

I have officially been blogging for too

I have officially been blogging for too long.
Happy 6th Anniversary to me and my blog:!

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Harry’s knit top seems super comfortable to be in…

Harry’s knit top seems super comfortable to be in…

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Dear Readers/AGY Fans,

I know I haven’t been posting in a long, long, long time… Yes, I can see that my last update was dated November 22, 2013 which means I have failed to do my promise to update as often as I can in 2 months. 

I’m not about give you a lame-ass excuse for my slacking off. I just think I need to give some sort of reason for my writer’s block and here are those:

1. I was retrenched/sacked from work.

2. As such I was depressed for a while and was incapacitated… in some way. See, I’m a writer/blogger for a certain company and had been working there for almost 2 years. I was retrenched due to the fact that the company was “downsizing”. I also heard that I was sacked because of a blog I wrote a long time ago which I apparently my bosses read a few hours before the mass layoffs… so…

3. I saw a few critical comments (not bad ones just constructive criticisms) and somehow it all piled up and I just didn’t want to write anything creative anymore thinking ‘I’m just a bag of old peanuts, I’m not really THAT good… Maybe I should just stop…”

4. As you may have noticed from this Tumblr blog, I did not stop writing, really. I had been contributing weekly movie round ups on Manila Coconuts and have been blogging A LOT on my WordPress blog. I was also looking for another job so I was actually really busy during the past two months.

5. You and I both know that there had been soooo many developments over at JacksGap and Digital Natives Studios that it’s just so hard to keep up now. At some point I had thought about including the Rickshaw Run in AGY’s development and near-end-chapters but it would ruin the timeline I have set for all the characters… Also, I hope you noticed this, but Jack and Finn and even Will had grown so fast in the past two months… They’re like different people now! Way, way different than the characters I have based the whole story on over a year ago… So it was very difficult to pick up where I started. 

6. I decided to go on a gap year… or month. I was on a gap month.

So, those are the reasons why I haven’t updated AGY or even The Problem With Waves yet. The stats are still up despite my silence and I was actually so surprised that people like YOU continued to check on updates and new story stuff…

So thank you.

Thank You

I swear I’ll finish this story. I’m currently working on the penultimate and final chapters so please, please, hang in there.

I love you!!!


The Berkley Drive

sweetheart no apologies are necessary, you dont owe us anything :) I hope yoh feel better and I’m so frrakin sorry about your job!

Gahd thank you. You are all so sweet, all of you. I’m almost there and I am feeling better—BLESSED even. Because it was when I was so low that I found out I have such awesome friends like you. THANK YOU!!!

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