what to wear if…

You go on your way to a surprise party for your bestfriend and you hear those three words from Jack.

(CHAPTER 46: Three Words | Another Gapyear | a JacksGap fanfiction)

"That’s great! We’re on the M4 now. We’ll be there at half past 10, probably." Casey said, checking her makeup on the rearview mirror. Ken was listening intently, his eyes curiously staring at her made up face. "Yup?" He heard her say, aware that she was being watched. "Right…" She can feel the blood rushing to her cheeks, her face feeling hotter by the minute. There was silence on the line and all she can hear was her heart beating fast and her breath quickening. "Jack?" There was a rustle at the other end which made her feel more anxious. "Casey, what’s wrong?" Ken said, sensing her discomfort. He can hear Jack speaking now in incomprehensible mechanical murmur.

Then there was silence followed by a loud squeak of brakes followed by a very loud thud. “Casey!”


Dying your hair a new streak of pink with Emma Blackery.

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1. You like good books more than you care what section of a bookstore they’re found in or maintaining some ill-defined sort of lit cred (spoiler alert: it does not really exist).

2. You’re interested in developing your own informed opinions about various genres and varieties…

In the words of the great tyleroakley, “I do me, you do you” :) 

Tell me something…

Is the term “trans” or “tranny” offensive? As a writer, I really, really just wanted to know.

AAAAAAND the weekend begins!
Back in high school I had a Math teacher

Back in high school I had a Math teacher

Back in high school I had a Math teacher who was so quiet and calm, he would teach even when the WHOLE class was obnoxiously loud and inattentive. Calculus was great, even if it was hard and I learned a lot, surprisingly. He was one of those people who made such a quiet impact, you’d never even know it until it’s gone. He helped me get over my fear of learning Math because I’ve been existing my…

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THIS. RT @Jennah_Ahmet: I know I should

THIS. RT @Jennah_Ahmet: I know I should

THIS. RT @Jennah_Ahmet: I know I should respect your opinion but I find that difficult because you’re an idiot

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List of things a digital extrovert asks

List of things a digital extrovert asks

List of things a digital extrovert asks on her first day in the province:

1. What’s the wifi password?
2. Why is there no wifi?!! *panics*
3. Where’s the nearest Starbucks? (Answer: Tarlac City and/or Baguio City)
4. Where are the friggin LAN cables?!!
5. How do I do this “piso-net” thing?
6. Why is there NO 3G signal here? Will I get 3G signal if I go upstairs?
7. *While eating* Is this turkey?!!…

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You Are Not Beautiful by Candice Cathers

You Are Not Beautiful by Candice Cathers

You Are Not Beautiful by Candice Cathers

You’re funny, you’re the most interesting person I know.
You’re the shoulder I cry on, you need a halo.
You’re smart, practically a genius.
You’re punctual and polite and organized and conscientious.
You’re clumsy and lovely, honest and hug worthy.
You’re my best friend, around you I don’t have to pretend.
You’re reliable and fun, like the funnest out of…

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Going to a “Business Meeting” with Grace.

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Thought Track: Stress, Food and Finding True Love

Thought Track: Stress, Food and Finding True Love

First of all, I’d like to say I’m sorry for being such a failure at everything… I didn’t post anything last week, I know. And frankly, I haven’t been able to post anything decent. To be fair though, my schedule has been a bit bat shit crazy and so are my hormones… and my brain, basically. I’ve been very weird these past few days (cranky, always hungry, absolutely no creativity and just plain…

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What to wear if…

You get stuck in a hotel room with Jack and a Mila Kunis movie.

(CHAPTER 45: For the Love of Mila | Another Gapyear | a JacksGap fanfiction)

He can see her toffee colored eyes glistening, unblinking. She was so silent that Jack felt so afraid to touch her. It was like Mila enveloped Casey in an invisible bubble while she fought with Justin in the movie.

"You alright?" Jack asked, placing an arm around her. "What?" Casey said as she started blinking furiously. She was looking upwards, blinking towards the ceiling as if to prevent the tears from falling. "Are you crying? Don’t cry. It’s okay…" He said rubbing her back. "No, Jack, I’m not crying!" She answered, frustrated as she faced Jack. "Oh your eyes are bloody red!" Jack said leaning closer to her. "It’s my damn contacts… My eyes are getting dry." He stared at her brown eyes, his worries fading away. "Well, then close your eyes for a minute." He watched as Casey’s lids closed, shutting her beautiful pupils away. She looked so pretty, even without makeup, even with her hair in a messy bun on top of her head, even in an old, crappy hoodie and drab shorts. Jack felt a force so strong he couldn’t deny it even if he wanted. It pulled him closer towards her, his hand reaching for her cheek. "Jack…" But there was no going back.


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