What to wear if…

You’re in a pantry, grabbing some snacks with Jack.

(CHAPTER 19: Spacing Out and Closing In | Another Gapyear | A JacksGap fanfiction)

"Jack! I can’t find the-Ow, shit!"

"What happened?!" Jack said finally moving into the small walk in pantry where Casey was in. "I hit my head…" she said, hoping that a bump won’t form on the spot where her head hit the shelves. "Oh no," Jack said. He placed his hand behind her head and felt for a bump while massaging her hair, messing up her already messed up ponytail. "Are you alright? Does it hurt?" he said. Casey just nodded, her heart constricting like it was being squeezed from inside her chest. She looked down at their feet and realized Jack was standing so close to her because of the very small space they were in. Jack took off her hair tie which sent her long brown locks falling down on her shoulders.


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