What to wear if…

You get to walk with Finn and get some breakfast with him.

(CHAPTER 21: The Finn-dom | Another Gapyear | A JacksGap fanfiction)

On a normal day, Finn would go directly to the kitchen and prepare breakfast the moment he got out of bed. But it wasn’t a very normal day for him. The first thing he did after washing his face was go to Casey’s room. She wasn’t there. She couldn’t have gone away because her duffel bag and her purse were still in her room. But he didn’t have to scour the whole mansion to find her. Cheeky Jack.

He opened the door to Jack’s bedroom which was slightly ajar and found their big stash of Maoams sitting on Jack’s swivel chair. There were candy litters across the floor, like a path of breadcrumbs Gretel left behind. His eyes went directly to Jack’s bed where two feet lay. He crossed his arms on his chest and walked towards Jack’s bed. He found his twin cradling Casey’s head like an American football jock would while running to protect a ball from his massive enemies. His fingers were tangled in Casey’s brown locks. Casey’s head was buried in Jack’s chest, her leg on top of his, hands clutching a pack of Maoams to her chest.


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