What to wear if…

You’re making a Q&A video with Finn…

(CHAPTER 22: #AskFinnsey | Another Gapyear | A JacksGap fanfiction)


"Hi there! I’m Casey and if you haven’t already noticed I’m not in my bedroom today! Now if you are a mad fan of JacksGap, you would know whose room this is…"

"It’s my room!" Finn said sitting beside Casey with two mugs of tea.


"Say ‘Hi there!’" Casey whispered with a smile.

"Hi there! I’m Finn!"

"Finn, Finn the better twin! And we’re in his bedroom! How many videos have you and Jack made in this room?"

"None." Finn said as he drank his tea from a mug that had the small letter "f" on it.

"None! So people, we are actually lucky enough to film in Finn’s room for the first time! How’s about that?!" Casey said feigning an English accent while holding a mug with the big letter "F" on it. Finn raised his hand toward Casey and she hit it with a high five.


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