What to wear if…

Jack proposes to you on your birthday.

(CHAPTER 33: Jack’s Proposal | Another Gapyear | a JacksGap Fanfiction)

"Casey, we couldn’t really think about what to give you on your birthday," Jack said. "But Jack and I have been discussing things for a while now and… Well, Jack has something to ask of you…" Finn said, his fingers running across his lips lazily and his eyes were focused intently on Casey’s face. And like an armored knight who finds himself in the gracious presence of the queen, Jack stood in front of her, produces a black box covered in velvet and kneels before her.

"Oh god…"


"Oh my god!" Ken squealed. Even he can’t keep a straight face with such a gentlemanly gesture. Casey, however, was slack-jawed.

"Will you be…"


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