What to wear if…

You’re in a music video with Joey Graceffa for a song called Red.

(CHAPTER 41: The Last Straw | Another Gapyear | a JacksGap fanfiction)

The shot opened up to a medium shot as she closed the door and started walking towards the school. She had her hair high up in a ponytail and was wearing a short, red round skirt with a simple white shirt. She was in a school parking lot, carrying some books in her arms. Jack focused on Casey who suddenly noticed four boys hanging around a shiny red car. They were all wearing red varsity jackets and were exchanging high fives. He defocused from where Casey is standing to show Finn, Connor Franta and Sawyer Hartman who started walking towards the school as well. They pass by her and she caught the eye of the last person at the back, Joey Graceffa. He looked at her, smiled as they walked past her and she stopped in her tracks and just gazed at him.


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