What to wear if…

You are going on a picnic date without even knowing it.

(CHAPTER 43: Mondate Madness | Another Gapyear | a JacksGap fanfiction)

Jack marveled at the beauty around him and he couldn’t help but smile. He glanced at the bespectacled girl with ponytailed brown hair beside him as he drove down the winding road towards Leigh Woods and breathed deeply. He’s never felt so anxious on a date ever. Does she even know that we’re going on a date? They rounded the corner to a car park just outside the entrance of the woods. He picked up his camera, got out of the car and opened the door for Casey. He was relieved that she wore her Chucks to uni today instead of her heels. She would’ve been crying in pain as they walked through the greenery if she did wear high heels. He held her hand, his fingers interlaced with hers comfortably. He opened the trunk and took out a big canvass bag.

"Oh, we’re doing a picnic!" Casey spat out without even thinking. Jack chuckled. "We are indeed! Did you think I was going to lead you to the middle of the woods and offer you as a virgin sacrifice?"


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